why are site visits important?

Site visits are very important for us to view not only the contents of the house but to look at the loading zones and access to your home. Our representative will also be able to determine how many movers and what truck size you will require for your move. When on site we are able to look and discuss any pieces or areas of concern that you may have.We are able to suggest packing and disassembly tips to assist you before the big day. This also gives you a chance to meet one of our team members so you can get a good feel of our team.

how long does a site visit take?

On average, 15 minutes. 

do you charge gas & mileage?

No, that is included in the “travel time”, a one time charge for 30 minutes travel to site and 30 minute back to office.

how do i receive a quote?

Fill out an inquiry form, we’ll do a site visit during which you’ll receive an estimate and we will then email you an official quote.

How do I book with you?

After your site visit you will receive your emailed quote. Click "Accept" to confirm you would like to book with us, read and sign the Service Agreement, and pay a $200 deposit for each Service Date you are requesting, this will then confirm your service date.

Do you do moves cross Canada?

Unfortunately, no. Currently we only do moves within British Columbia.

Why packing important?

Efficiency. Over the years Kleiner Services Inc. has become an expert in the art of packing. No matter how big your home is, being efficient will get the move done faster and everyone will be happy for it. Here are the top three things to know about packing: www.kleinerservices.com/blog/packing

Is sleep more important than packing?

Always go with sleep. Our movers can always help you with a little packing on the day of your move.

What other services do you provide?

Packing, and add-ons you can request are assembly, delivery and junk removal.

What should I expect on Moving Day?

You will receive a phone call from your moving team letting you know they are on their way. You meet the team at the loading bay/zone and the team will quickly go over the moving details and show you a clean truck. Your move will commence. At the end of your move, the movers will go over the invoice with you and collect payment. They will show you a clean truck just like at the beginning of the move. The movers will ask you for a Review and get you to fill out a Score Card.

Check out our blog about moving day: What to Expect on Moving Day

Most importantly, please remember to hydrated and snack to keep your energy level up throughout your move.

By BC Standard rules a person should not work longer than 5 hours without a 30 minute break whether it is 2-15 minute breaks during a 5 hour duration. Usually movers will take their breaks on the drive to the second site. Upon arrival the Driver will take his break.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, our insurance policy in outlined in our Service Agreement.


We pride ourselves in taking care of your possessions. Unfortunately, sometimes damages happen. If there is an incident, send us an email and one of team members will follow up with you. Click here to learn more.