The Three Things You Need To Know About Packing

Over the years Kleiner Services Inc. has become an expert in the art of packing. Packing your belongings in a box and then packing those boxes into a truck. The keyword is efficient. No matter how big your home is, being efficient will get the move done faster and everyone will be happy for it. Here are the top three things to know about packing

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Mary KleinerComment
Feature Friday's: Allan Louie CEO Blastmedia Inc

Our Feature Friday is Allan Louie, CEO of Blastmedia Inc.  Allan and his team are so creative they can help you with any design you have in mind. We're extremely grateful to have Allan help us through our projects, like our upcoming truck wraps! 

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Feature Friday's: Jimmy Le-Tang, CPA

Jimmy Le-Tang, owner of J.Le-Tang Ltd. As a friend of the Kleiners since high school, it is great to see Jimmy's small businesses flourish with a passionate business owner working hard behind the scenes.  If you are looking for someone that pays attention to detail then this is your man.  

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