Junk In Your Yard

The summer sunshine is out and so is your garbage.  The sun is highlighting all the junk you have around the property and it doesn’t look nice.  You keep telling yourself or your spouse:

·         I will post it to Craigslist and someone will want it

·         I will take it to the recycling/landfill and throw it out

·         I will refurbish it and use it in the garage

·         I will donate it

The problem is, it is summer, you should be enjoying it!  There are trips planned, weddings, birthday parties, bbq’s, and relaxed time.  Before you know it summer will be over.   So don’t sweat the small stuffs just give us a call at 604-720-6650 or email us at kleinerservices@gmail.com.

Take a photo of what you have and we can help you with the rest.  #wecanhelp